Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Can You Hear Him Now?.....................from Rico

Ignorance is indeed bliss.
- Being heavily self-medicated has to come in a close 'second place' however.
As usual, displaying NO sense of self-awareness whatsoever, the LEAST qualified President in history said at a NYC fund raiser Sunday night (18 Sep 16) that Trump was unqualified to be President.
- In Barry's own words:
        "This guy is not qualified to be President."
Considering that an Assistant Manager at the King of Burgers was more qualified for the job than he was when elected in 2008, this is a real hoot-and-a-half.
- You don't even need to squeeze Barry's head to get shit out of it, he just spews this nonsense non-stop.
Speaking of talking sh*t....does anyone remember what he said about Hillary's 'qualifications' back in 2008? That may be the singular time he was correct about anything in his entire life, and did anyone listen? Oh no they did not.
- Can you hear him now?

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