Monday 12 September 2016

Communist Zombie....................from Rico

The woman who has never been "right" about anything in her life-long career as a wannabe Marxist radical even gets THIS wrong.
- Hills, listen, it's NOT "1-2 lose your shoe, buckle your knees, get helped into the van" it is "1-2 buckle your shoe..."
Police (ha, what do they know as trained observers) and others are saying she had a "medical episode" that caused her to abruptly 'ditch' the 9-11 ceremony, while the paid liars on her staff are saying she "overheated."
- Yeah, at 9:30 in the morning, at 72 degrees, with no humidity, in the shade of the NY skyscrapers still standing. Sure. Riiiiight.
Technology has advanced to the point that we have gone from a lifelike embalmed Lenin in repose, to a somewhat lifelike and slightly more mobile dead Hillary walking.
- She gets her "historic first" as the world's first "Communist Zombie."
I wish I could hear George Romero's take on this instead of the sh*t-heel sh*t-head media trying to cover up this "medical issue" with Hillary.

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