Saturday, 17 September 2016

EU Leader Uses The Race Card But Fails To Mention Immigrant Crime..................from Daniel Thomas

When one of the five un-elected presidents of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, made his risible annual 'state of the Union address' to the phony European Parliament he used the occasion to vent his anger by denigrating and smearing the British people as racist and xenophobic.

President Junker cuts a rather sad figure these days as his beloved EU nation building project implodes and descends into economic collapse, chaos and civil war just like all centrally controlled autocracies always do.

He still cannot come to terms with the fact that the British people voted to reject government by him and his army of faceless bureaucrats, choosing instead to regain their sovereignty and become a self governing nation once again.

Led by the increasingly unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Junker and the other four presidents, continue to dictate the terms of the Brexit process and the future relationship between the EU and an independent Great Britain. They are assuming that the EU in it's present form will still be in existence by the end of the two year process but I digress.

In his 'state of the Union' speech Junker used the unfortunate murder of a Polish immigrant to paint the post referendum Great Britain as a hive of racists who indiscriminately attack foreigners just for the hell of it and also to issue a veiled threat of future action if this non existent racism persists after Brexit.

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