Sunday, 11 September 2016

Face it, Hillary......................from Rico

Face it, Hillary. Just "face it."
- While you will never have to face the music, or a well-deserved firing squad, thanks to a thoroughly corrupt Barry pResidency and its equally corrupted DOJ, et al, you are at least facing THIS.
Almost nobody showed up to hear your, keynote speech in KC Thursday night at the National Baptist Convention.
- The lights were turned-off over a large area of the venue, and partitions closed to 'condense' the attendees and give a pretense that there was an audience despite the place being nearly empty....nearly as empty as you are.
Like everyone else (excepting America's suck-ass media complex and other Communistas), they were just "not that into you" Hillary, you evil harridan.
- But of course, it's THEM and not YOU as usual, right?
As we learned by hard experience, even a generous swab of Vick's Vaporub on the upper lip below the nostrils cannot completely block the stench of a rotting corpse......

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