Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Failure is Stability. Stupid Together.....................from Rico

Our "decayed servitor" or "aperture la derrierre" HRC is the physical incarnation of all that has gone so very wrong for America since the leftists held their silent coup de etat.
- Hillary has been perverting the 'idea' of America for fun and profit while furthering the 'open borders' globalist agenda, which pays her so very well.
While there is widespread public disgust with office-holding politicians from both parties who are encrusted barnacle-like to their office furniture, this breaks down further into two general schools of thought.
- Part of the public has figured-out that a Hillary Presidency would 'flatline' the economy while officially instituting 'political correctness' and digging the nation deeper into the bottomless socialist abyss.
- Another part of the public is somehow 'comforted' by the stability of a Hillary who represents and defends the statist quo, even though these policies are a proven failure. There is, after all, stability in failure, and failure is the very essence of Hillary writ large. 
That's almost Orwellian "Failure is Stability"...I'd keep a look out for this to crop up as a campaign slogan of hers, right along with the current "Stupid Together" being used.

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