Saturday, 10 September 2016

FDR And Truman Worked With Stalin To Destroy A Common Enemy..................from Daniel Thomas

If people thought the BBC-led mainstream media in Great Britain was biased then they need to take a look at its American counterpart. The Ministry of Disinformation and Propaganda would be a perfect title that would sum up the organizations that not only peddle lies and falsehoods for political ends but also ignores the history of their own country.

The attempts to portray Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, as a danger to peace for suggesting an alliance with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to defeat ISIS is not only puerile but it's insulting the intelligence of informed people across the planet who read this nonsense.

There's nothing new about an American President working with an anti-western strongman to defeat a common enemy. Presidents Roosevelt and Truman both worked in an alliance with Russian tyrant Josef Stalin to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

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Mr. Bee said...

Putin isn't Stalin. Putin is Hillary Clinton.