Thursday, 15 September 2016

Foreign Aid Fat Cats Are Financing Corruption With Taxpayers Money..................from Daniel Thomas

The species of humans known as niche professionals are attracted to taxpayer money like vultures are attracted to a carcass, especially when that supply of taxpayers money is endless.

As a warning to the American people, the much vaunted National Health Service - the NHS or socialized medicine - is packed to the rafters with so called 'health care professionals' who are stuffing their pockets and bank accounts out of the endless billions that is pumped into the sclerotic monolith annually.

These fat cats are career bureaucrats who are immune from sanction regardless of their performance and more importantly, regardless of how many people die needlessly every year while in their care.

Foreign aid is another industry which provides an opportunity for fat cats to get rich by looting the public treasury regardless of performance or value for money or lives saved.

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Anonymous said...

The best way to make big money has been reduced to either breaking the law or buying your way into a govt contract that has no performance metric. Snazy digs if your pocket is deep enough for pay to play.

Daniel Thomas said...

You got that right