Friday 16 September 2016

If the Price is Right.................from Rico

Do you remember the former Governor (D) of Illinois, now prison inmate, Rob Blagoyevich? His case may have been the first Democrat "pay to play" scheme to come to "Deplorable America's" attention.
- His ass is now in jail for soliciting bribes in exchange for political appointments, Barry's vacated IL Senate seat just being one of many examples. He deserves all the rumpy-pumpy he gets.
But that was just the tip of the Democratic iceberg of corruption. The Clinton Crime Family, operating that RICO scam called "The Clinton Foundation" and "Clinton Global Initiative" is the world heavyweight champion of "pay to play" (but they call it "donations" instead of "bribes").
- Selling US uranium to Russia.
- Selling US weapon systems to Muslim states.
- Selling Ambassadorships (hmmmm.....did Stevens, formerly of Chicago, the Ambo to Libya, fall behind in his payments?).
[Have I said "thank you, WikiLeaks" yet? Without you no one outside the criminals would even 'know' about "donations for Ambassadorships" the MSM media poodles and lap dogs sure wouldn't be telling anyone even if they were interested).
There is NOTHING that isn't FOR SALE by the Clintons (yes, you too, SecState Hillary) IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.
- Up to, and including America and all Americans.
Talk about somebody deserving a whole LOT of rumpy-pumpy!

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