Monday, 5 September 2016

It's GOOD to be a Democrat........................from Rico

Remember not too long ago when the Democrats (C) tried to make a mountain out of a molehill and an "issue" out of a non-issue?
- I apologize, that was confusing, since this is a standard operating procedure for them. I'll be more specific.
Let's start again: Remember when the Hillary campaign, synonymous with the DNC and Democrat Party (C), tried to make "how Trump (R) treats women" an issue?
The lap-dog, kept-whores of the thoroughly compromised and openly Leftist American MSM dutifully ran with the ball, but it never really gained any traction since there was no substance to the claim.
- It was much ado about nothing. Not unusual with Democrat (C) talking points [read: BS].
That said, the presstitutes have been almost completely silent about Billy "BJ's" treatment of women, including serial rape incidents and sometimes 'staining' intern's blue dresses in the Oval Orifice.
- They HAVE been completely silent about Joe "Handsy" Biden's behavior with teen girls. It has been harder for them to ignore "the Weiner" but I digress...
Joe is especially attentive to young girls. Teenage girls. He likes to get cozy with them, and in a kissy-huggy-grabby...Hell, creepy...way. 
- But as Barry's VP, simultaneously a heartbeat away from the Presidency AND the very best life insurance Barry could possibly have, it's somehow no big deal to anybody? The allegations against Trump, and Billy BJ, involved grown women...with old man Joe it's not a matter of allegations but of public displays with teenagers recorded on video.
Of course, both "Handsy" and "BJ" are Democrats, so it's somehow OK and acceptable to the media and feminists.
- Imagine the snot-storm that would erupt if a Republican, much less a conservative (there is a big difference between the two) were to actually DO something like these perverts serially do even once?

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Mark Matis said...

Never forget that Hillary has the solution to the "Bien" problem:

And the Democrats and the Media and the Rove Republicans are fine with that.