Friday, 9 September 2016

Mad Merkel Reminds The British People That She Is Still In Charge..............from Daniel Thomas

It's been an assertion for some time that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has delusions of grandeur bordering on megalomania which leads her to believe that she has fulfilled the destiny of her infamous predecessors and become the ruler of a European empire.

Her latest outburst declaring that she is in charge of the British government and forbidding them to sign trade deals confirms that assertion to be accurate beyond all doubt.

Every indicator is showing that Great Britain is entering a new golden age of prosperity as a result of the vote to leave the disintegrating European Union and regain the sovereignty that was so ignominiously surrendered by a treacherous political class.

In stark contrast to this the EU has descended into poverty, chaos and violent uprising bordering on civil war under Chancellor Merkel's disastrous leadership.

Her claim that "We're still in charge here!" is not only an indication of her deteriorating mental condition but a calculated insult to the British people who paid a heavy price in blood and treasure to prevent her infamous predecessors from ever seizing control of their government. (See here)

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