Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Making "news" up.....................from Rico

And the American MSM can't figure out why their audiences don't trust or believe them anymore?
- After the relentless drumbeat from them that Hillary is 'smart' and 'honest' while Trump is 'mean' and 'disliked' they have gone completely over the cliff of reality.
No longer content to just "report" the news, and having long-since moved far-left of "spinning" the news, the MSM now "fabricates" the news.
- Yes, that's right, they now just make the news up.
CNN scrubbed a video of Hillary using the word "bombings" while berating Trump for using the word "bombings" to allow them to continue to mock Trump and make Hillary look smarter than she really is.
- This was followed by CNN falsely adding the word "racially" to change a Trump comment from what he actually said about "profiling" refugees/immigrants to smear him as a racist. 
The MSM has really "dealt it" this time. Has anyone "smelt it" yet?
- No longer objective journalists, America's new media monkeys just can't seem to help themselves and have gone past flinging poo, to head-fkng you.

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