Wednesday, 21 September 2016

No More Skittles......................from Rico

The nearer election day gets, and the 'tighter' the race appears, two things are obvious.
- 1. The leftists are wetting their pants and wringing their hands more than usual.
- 2. The louder the MSM gets in declaring "it's all over except for Hillary's inauguration"...the implicit message being "why bother to vote against our inevitable candidate...just lay back and enjoy it."
The ultra-left Huffington Post is publicly wetting themselves with a post-mortem of "Why Hillary Lost" just 49 days before the election is held, demonstrating that they 'got' point number one above.
- They must not have gotten the memo about point number two. Maybe it was 'deleted?'
It looks very much like the "monster vote"...if they 'got' the it, guffawed, crumpled it up, and tossed it away demonstrating their intent to 'sweep' at least 50 of Obama's 57 states.
- They are definitely NOT eating any more of the MSM's or the Dem's skittles........ 

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