Tuesday, 6 September 2016

No press conferences for YOU..................from Rico

Channeling Seinfeld's "no soup for YOU" Soup Nazi, Hillary has gone full Hitlery Nazi and declared "no press conferences for YOU!"
The Greta Garbo of American politics is far too busy raising money, million$ and million$, from uber-wealthy donors to be bothered to 'face' or 'talk' to the little people aka poor voters. You gotta pay to play.
- She is SO busy fund-raising that she not only isn't even campaigning, but has had her spokesman "promise" the public that Hillary WILL give press conferences (her last one was in early Dec 2015 fyi) ....wait for it, get a load of this...AFTER she is elected President. [translation for you kool-aid drinkers: she's NOT going to have any press conferences for the rest of her 'campaign'....if that's what you call a self-coronation).
Now let's completely discount and ignore what a "Hillary promise" is worth, we all know it is worth exactly nothing, and discuss something else:
- There is NOTHING she has to say worth hearing, and certainly nothing 'worth' electing her in order to hear it.
In fact, keep that big cork in your mouth and do not remove it.  Ever.
- Please, we all beg of you.....just STFU!

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