Monday, 26 September 2016

'Officially' there is NO inflation.......................from Rico

Just like the US 'officially' has NO unemployment (with almost 100 million workers unemployed), the USG says 'officially' there is NO inflation!
- Incredible. Four years without ANY inflation! If they say so, it must be true, right? Would they lie?
Following three years of NO increase in COLA (cost of living adjustment) because* there was NO INFLATION, the 2017 COLA increase will be an insignificant 0.2%....because there is still NO INFLATION.
- Never you mind that Medicare Part B monthly premiums will increase from 2016's $121.80 to $149 in 2017. That's about a 20% increase....but it's NOT INFLATION when the government does it (just like it's not lying when the government does it).
- For students of 'Common Core' math, attached are drive-thru menus from 1965 and 2009. Compare the 'cost' of a hamburger, which fundamentally transforms** from 25-cents to $1.99....unless you spend money the way your Uncle Sam does, then you can "Whopper Combo" it for $7.09.
The "mood" of very many likely voters in the coming November election might be summed up thus:
- "Don't do us any more 'favors' but at least you can stop slapping us in the face."
Sorry, happy voters, the beatings will continue until morale improves.
*From a USG website: quote: "with consumer prices down...[COLA] will not increase in 2016." unquote
**The price of one MacDonald's hamburger remained at 15-cents from 1955-1964, was 18-cents by 1968, 30-cents by 1974, 50-cents by 1984, 75-cents by 1990, and $1.90 in 1997. God knows what it costs now because few can afford to dine there except with EBT cards, which are FREE right, so who looks at the price any more?

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