Sunday, 18 September 2016

Progressive Promises Are Always Lies...........................from Rico

Have you 'noticed' yet that "progressives" preach a lot of things (like tolerance for difference of opinion, racial equality, etc) but they do NOT tolerate anyone's opinion but their own, and are some of the most racist critters among us?
Their "policies" are called, and do, the polar opposite of what they intend as well. The Department of Education that the former worst President Jimmuh Carter gave America is one of many examples. It has gutted the education system, destroyed any chance for learning that used to exist, and has instead turned the system into a re-education camp to create good little socialists unable to think critically, but pliable and easily "led"....not exactly what was advertised to 'sell' the idea, but exactly what was intended and delivered.
The steaming pile of legislation named after the reigning worst President ever, ObamaCare, was never meant to reform healthcare to make things better. That was only the "sales pitch" for the scam. It has made things worse like it was supposed to, was designed to fail, and was only intended to be the battering ram to install "single payer" health care (government health care a la' Cuba).
If Trump manages to unwind the disastrous ObamaCare legislation and actually replaces it with something better (while just getting rid of ObamaCare would be an improvement), there had better be room on Mt. Rushmore for one more great President.

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