Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Proud to be a "deplorable"......................from Rico

That C3 (Condescending Commie Clinton) single-handedly just gave a 'name' to this era's "silent majority" ...those whose greatest sin in Comrade Madam's eyes is to not 'shut up' and 'go-along to get-along' with Her "globalist-elitist" progressive views and/or to desire something better for their nation.
- She may also have dealt a fatal blow to the Democrats (C) by so openly revealing how they, as everyone's betters, really feel about Americans.
If being one of the "deplorables" means your disapproval, who in their right mind would not want to be a "deplorabe" you human scum?
- The finger you pointed at everyone else was accompanied by your other fingers pointing directly back at you.
I'm proud to be a "deplorable" and suspect the great majority of Americans are.
- That YOU don't 'approve' is a real badge of honor.
If anyone ever did anything that YOU thought was a good thing, or a good idea, I'd have to stop cold and consider how f*cked-up they were.


edutcher said...

I love it!

Especially the one on the right.

Anonymous said...

asking govt to get back in to its little box of mandated duties and stay away from picking winners and loosers inexplicably missing form the list seem to be a minor oversite.