Monday, 12 September 2016

She Does NOT Care....................from Rico

Pneumonia? Pneumonia?
- I guess whomever pulled that Hillary 9-11 "cover story" dripping out of their ass forgot that it was contagious.
So if you believe that malarky [read: another fkg lie], then you'd have to believe that a 'staged' photo-op of Hillary hugging a child (after spending 90 minutes in daughter Chelsea's apartment where she has two grandkids) meant more to Granny Pickles than a child's health.
I, for one, don't believe any 'optics' or anything 'spoken' by this lifelong liar, fraud and phony. Everything around her is tightly scripted and controlled.
- Besides, it's been plain to see over her entire career of 'public self-service' that she does not care about anything except MONEY and HERSELF, and she can not be bothered to give a shit about anyone or anything else.
Perhaps her 'fundraising campaign' will now rebrand itself again and start using the slogan "Sicker Together" or "Infected Together" because "Caring Together" just isn't gonna fly in her case.

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