Thursday, 1 September 2016

Shredding the 'tape' to save it.........................from Rico

This is NOT normal market activity or price discovery, and this is NOT what you do when you're trying to make a profit trading.
- This IS what happens when the 'usual suspects' are scared witless because they are losing 'control' of a rigged system.
The unbacked-paper "hits" are getting larger, and more frequent. A few days ago 'only' ONE billion dollar's worth of unbacked paper Gold was dumped in the space of one minute. How does the same thing to the tune of FIVE billion dollars sound to you?
- Today, just now, "someone" decided the best way to NOT make a profit was to dump $4.7 billion in notional unbacked paper Gold onto the market. If I had to "guess" I'd suspect the banker to the central banks, the BIS and it's trading desk as the only one with deep enough pockets to pull this one off.
Of course, this must have absolutely nothing to do with the OTC/LBMA expiries, or the NFP report just ahead.
- Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Once upon a time, when there were free, unmanipulated, and non-centrally planned 'rigged' markets there was a quaint market tradition of "painting the tape" whereby asset managers tried to make the last day of the month look as good as possible on the ticker-tape. Not any longer.
- In this time of central bank-induced ZIRP and NIRP we are seeing the reverse....the tape is being shredded instead of painted. Reminds me of the old Vietnamese imperial city of Hue, which famously "had to be destroyed to save it."

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