Thursday, 29 September 2016

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?..........................from Rico

Minnesota, long considered a solid blue (Democrat) state, may not be so reliably solid for Hillary.
The ONLY state to vote for Walter Mondale (D) for President...remember him?...was Minnesota. 
- Mondale is a son of Minnesota.
But, Minnesota is also a 'populist' leaning state, and has been since 1860. It may be more populist than Democratic.
- They do NOT have a Democratic Party per se, they have the only DFL (Democrat Farmer Labor) party in the US.
The state now appears to be "in play" and may NOT be carried by Comrade Madam Hillary who is THE "failed status quo" insider candidate on steroids, but could now be taken by Trump who is very much a populist.
The map attached is very interesting.
- This election year Minnesota may NOT act at the polls like "The People's Republic of Minnesota" at all.

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OC said...

Being from MN I would like nothing better than to see us shite on Cankles.
BUT - unless blacks stay home in huge numbers, the three liberal areas - Ramsey and Hennepin County and the Arrowhead will still turn us blue.