Thursday, 15 September 2016

Straight outta the Colon........................from Rico

Once upon a time, after the liberation of Kuwait, I would have voted for Colin Powell the 4-star general had he run for President.
- Then he exposed himself as just another back-stabbing [read: dolchstoss] Democrat asshole in a system where a 'friend' stabs you in the chest. Now I refer to him as Colon. He was never a friend.
In a 28 Jul 2014 e-mail Colon writes that Hillary is "greedy" and that "he'd rather not vote for her"...but that was before she tried to blame him for her private e-mail system.
- After she tried to throw him under the bus, I wonder how he'd word that e-mail were he to write it today? Quite differently I'd bet.

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Mark Matis said...

The illustrious Mr. Powell is an AA special, and a Rove Republican on top of that. One does not go much lower. And by the way, anyone who hadn't noticed those two facts LONG before now clearly does not have much situational awareness...