Monday, 5 September 2016

The Wrong Ones Are Homeless...................from Rico

Have you noticed that there seem to be NO "homeless" illegal aliens or, refugees, but there is no shortage of homeless veterans?
The career politicians safely ensconced in their lifelong political "homes" can't be bothered to notice.
The wrong people are homeless.
- The illegals and refugees should ALL be sent back "home."
- The career politicians should ALL be summarily kicked out of their political "homes" [read: office].
- There should not be ONE homeless veteran.............


Anonymous said...

This is what happens to the military and the people that have served when you let the gubberment lose a wars,(korea and vet nam),for you that you have won with many bodies and much blood.
The military must speak up to stop the gubberment libturds from taking over and losing more wars for us, specifically, the WAR against islam.

Anonymous said...

The veterans who are homeless are homeless by choice. Housing and support are given to those who have no home. But there are conditions. They are required to keep the place clean, be drug free, no excessive drinking, no wild parties. Simple enough.