Thursday, 22 September 2016

Trying to Hide Those Lyin' Eyes....................from Rico

Hillary can "hide" but she cannot "hide those lyin' eyes" (apologies to the Eagles).
While many theorize that Hillary's "health" is preventing her from campaigning and forcing her to rely upon surrogates in the party and the press, and this is probably true, there is a contributing factor: no one is showing up for her events, and it's embarrassing for her.
- Hillary's Ohio office recently held a 'door-knocking' volunteer event, but no volunteers showed up for it.
- When she does draw a crowd, it is in the dozens, not thousands, and anecdotal evidence indicates she's "astroturfing" herself (busing-in her own people to create the illusion of any crowd at all).
- She just cancelled a fund raising event in NC with no reason given.
- She has NOTHING scheduled for the six days prior to the debate.
So she is "hiding" but she cannot "hide" those eyes, those lyin' eyes, and her forced smile is a thin disguise.

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