Monday, 26 September 2016

USA #1? Not exactly........................from Rico

The chant "USA Number One!" isn't true any longer.
- Try "USA #28" out of the TOP 30 civilized nations instead. [Note how many countries in the 'top 30' are currently being destroyed from within by Muslim 'refugees' and then chew on the following.]
Such are the consequences of voting by demographic groups instead of by merit. 
- Voting for Barry because he was black, and ignoring that he was an America-hating Marxist shmendrick was truly one big ass mistake, America.
Sure, why not them double-down on stoopid and vote by chromosomal group as well.
- Vote Hillary because she's a woman, and ignore that she is an America-hating Marxist shmuck compounding the mistake is not a sane or rational choice.
Her stated ideas that "everyone has a right to come to America" and that "there should be no borders" plus welcoming millions of Muslim 'refugees' sure sounds like a real "winner" of a plan to me.
- If history does not exactly repeat, in Hillary it is rhyming damned well. If only 5-10% of those Muslim 'refugees' are extremists that want to destroy America, what's there to worry about? Forget that 'only' 7% of Germans were actually Nazis.
What could possibly 'go wrong' with Hillary's ideas?

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