Friday, 2 September 2016

VOTING HILLARY.........................from Rico

It keeps getting better! I mean the herpes-like corruption of the Clintons.
The four private servers and 30,000 deleted e-mails were only the tip of the iceberg. It's just come out in the past few days that Hillary continued to send CLASSIFIED e-mails after she was no longer SecState.
- Now we learn that TAXPAYER MONEY paid for those 'private' servers.
TAXPAYER MONEY was also used to 'boost' the salaries of at least ten Clinton loyalists, and to buy equipment for the Clinton Foundation.
Incredibly, there are still people who refuse to accept that everything is "FOR SALE" as far as the Clinton's are concerned.
- Trading "favors" for money is their standard operating procedure, and has been for decades.
If you, like me, are absolutely thrilled at the way things have been going and want to see not just a continuation of the same, but even MORE of the same, why then VOTE HILLARY.
- You'll get it in the end. comes Hillary!

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