Sunday 18 September 2016

Was it the Girl Scouts again?????....................from Rico

The politically-correct "media" is trying to seduce a nation into "Islam-assisted suicide" by either being thick-as-a-brick stupid, or willing co-conspirators to the "open borders, destroy America" Marxists using Muslims as a battering-ram against Western Christian civilization.
- You'll have to decide for yourselves which it is.
Multiple stabbings in MN and bombings in NYC, NJ, and VA all on the same day?
The MN Jihadi stabber asked victims if they were Muslim, and kept using that popular Scandinavian word "Allah."
- Authorities say they're "searching for a motive."
In NYC a pressure-cooker wired to a cell phone was discovered. Obviously someone intended to make some Boston baked beans remotely.
- The Communist mayor of NYC says "there is no 'evidence' of (he omitted the word 'Islamic') terrorism."
And NJ? Yeah, Marine charity events are notorious for their pipe bombs, are they not?
Whatever happened in VA must be equally innocuous.
Stabbings? Improvised explosive devices?
- One has to wonder "what mischief have those Girl Scouts been up to again?"
Hillary appears to have the obvious solution to illegal immigration and refugees, though.
- Just eliminate the borders, and the problem goes away "poof" more illegal or legal immigrants and no more refugees. America can sing the John Lennon lyrics to "Imagine" ("...imagine there's no country, it isn't hard to do...") along with her and Barry.

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