Wednesday, 26 October 2016

America Could Teach Africa A Thing Or Two About Corruption.................from Daniel Thomas

The revelations by Wikileaks confirmed what informed commentators have known for some time, corruption exists throughout public life in the USA but it is the extent of it that has taken many by surprise. It would appear that the once hallowed government agencies are rotten to the core. These departments have been manned by cronies and political appointees dedicated to subverting the Constitution in order to usurp power and bring about the UN mandated fundamental transformation of America.

Until recently nobody in their right mind would have suspected that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the once revered military and the Internal Revenue Service have been politicized to the point they are no longer fit for purpose.

No corrupt government would survive long unless the information disseminated to the public is controlled and manipulated to suit that government's agenda. This current election cycle has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that the mainstream media in America are so utterly corrupted and stuffed with compliant sycophants that a free and fair election is no longer possible.

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