Friday, 28 October 2016

Breaking: Tomorrow's news today...

American journalism has been exposed as thoroughly corrupt, so they are sparing no effort to declare Hillary the "winner" of Nov 8th's election, even though it's not yet Halloween.
- Their patron saint and idol, Soros (aka "that rotten Hungarian") approves their message.
Despite the voting dead, lies, Soro's electronic voting machines, et al, I think we are going to see a replay of the famous 1948 Chicago Tribune headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" repeated in 2016 with this premature declaration "Media Defeats Trump"...but failing that, the REAL Halloween horror show may follow (not precede) this election.
Fair disclosure: Truman was the last Democrat President I liked and who was actually worth a damn (sadly we 'lost' JFK before he really had a chance to outshine Truman). All Democrat Presidents, and candidates for President, since JFK have been complete shit-heels. And yes, I include most Republicans after Eisenhower, too (while Goldwater never had his chance either) with Reagan and Trump being notable exceptions to the not-worth-a-damn pattern.

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