Friday, 14 October 2016

Dim Bulb...................from Rico

For an extended period of time the Liberal MSM and Far-left "progressives" have endlessly repeated the mantra of "Hillary the Smartest Ever [fill in blank]" making Goebbel's point that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.
And we have the likes of these swearing to the above lie:
- "She's the smartest person I know." Sen Al Franken (D) to fellow Mensa member Joy Behar.
- "She's the smartest person in the room." Wu-Tang Clan
- "She's the smartest woman in the world." Belleview news-Democrat
- "...the smartest person on earth." Patrick Leahy (D)
This "perception management" [read: propaganda] was so effective that many brushed-aside Huma Abedin's remarks that Hillary "can't operate a fax" and is "often confused."
This was before WikiLeaks revealed that:
- Hillary has to be coached on what to say (remember the ear-piece she wore to debate #1?) and when to smile (debate #2).
- The DNC fed her verbatim CNN town hall questions in advance so she could prepare for them.
It is NOT "smart" to cheat, and it looks incandescently stupid when you're caught.
- Our Hillary is actually dimmer than a 5W Curly Fluorescent Light Bulb.

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