Monday, 10 October 2016

Insanity - Killing America Over Harmless Laddish Banter..................from Daniel Thomas

The declared intention of Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the USA and titular leader of the so called free world, was to 'fundamentally transform' his country, but since his country was already the greatest and most prosperous nation in history, he could only have meant to fundamentally downgrade and destroy it.

As the American people go to the polls the disastrous consequences of the Obama 'fundamental transformation' should be kept uppermost in their minds. The export of America's industrial base and subsequent loss of jobs, the importation of cheap labour to hoover up whatever jobs are left, while importing criminal gangs, drug smugglers, Islamic terrorists, welfare colonists and an assortment of other anti-American riff raff from all corners of the backward uncivilized world.

They should bear in mind the trashing of America's image abroad and the subjugation of the President to foreign dictators and despots who despise America and all its works. These are the same dictators and despots who are financing the terrorists that are killing Americans in their own attempt to destroy the USA.

The Obama 'fundamental transformation' has deliberately divided the country along racial, religious and economic lines whereby income inequality applies only to those outside the exclusive circles inhabited by the corrupted rich and powerful.

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