Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It depends.........................from Rico

The "little people" are justly fed up. Why?
- Well, it depends.....
Many still remember Bill's weasel-word answer to a question he didn't want to deal with:
       "It depends on what the meaning of IS is."
Hillary is an even bigger weasel. SHE thinks that American's 'rights depend upon what HER definition of rights is.'
- And SHE will decide what rights Americans should have, and when they should have them. Because, well...
because SHE knows better than the untrustworthy "irredeemable despicables, basement dwellers, basket of losers, functional illiterates, taco bowls, and predators" themselves what rights they should, or should NOT, have.
You can trust Hillary....and everyone that supports her point of view, especially the MSM and the DNC!

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