Friday, 14 October 2016

More .Duct. Tape......................from Rico

Al Gore is one of the biggest frauds in American politics, but the entire "Global Warming-Climate Change" scam is even bigger.
- Fake science and scare-mongering to conceal one more social-engineering political scheme to bilk the peasants out of more of their money and transfer the wealth to connected pockets. It's not a coincidence that Al Bore's former campaign finance manager ran the fake (and now failed) carbon credit rip off.
This bloviating wind-bag is one of the biggest proponents of the fraud, and that the Hillary campaign has enlisted him to help her is both a sign of how 'inconveniently' desperate they are and just how 'conveniently' stupid they think the average voter is.
- Guess again, buttercups.
More. Duct. Tape.

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