Monday, 24 October 2016

Never have so few, fooled so many, for so long......................from Rico

Innocence...and ignorance...lost is never regained.
- It's the same with TRUST.
Remember how the media was "trusted" in the days of Walter Cronkite? Just before Dan Rather and Brian Williams were exposed as lying frauds, a little-heralded revelation that Cronkite not only lied about "Tet" being a Communist victory (and not the stunning defeat that it was) but old Walter was a flaming Commie himself.
And, of course, it was only "conspiracy theory" that the banks were rigging the LIBOR rate (the interest rate that sets ALL interest rates) for fun and profit until it was proven, fines were paid, and it became "conspiracy fact."
So, too, did the "rigging" of the Democratic Primary for Hillary move from "theory" to "fact" as has the MSM's one-sided support for Hillary, thanks to Wikileaks.
- It's not any stretch of the imagination to conclude that ALL the MSM "polls" are "rigged" to favor Hillary, and more obviously so than the government's phony claim of 5% unemployment when 94 million workers are out of work.
The "debates" continue this sad pattern of being "rigged" (and I am not talking about the camera games with 'filters-no filters' to make a sick Hillary look healthy and a healthy Trump look sick). Not really "shown" to TV viewers were rear views of the lecturns used by Hillary and Trump.
- Hillary's has (again) a lit screen for "prompting" her and Trump's does not. Curious. Why would that be? Is Trump able to think and speak on his own, but is Hillary not able to? Draw your own conclusions, just as I'd say "vote for who you think is best."
It's a good thing the legacy MSM is doing its level best to "influence" people so they are spared the burden of having to think for themselves. Thinking is hard! Who to choose?
- Do you vote for someone who is able to walk up steps unassisted and whose eyes always point in the same direction?
- Or do you vote for someone who lies, sells political favors, has seizures-convulsions-collapses, and loathes 99% of Americans?
Gee, I dunno. That's really a tough one!

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