Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Nothing and Everything.......................from Rico

What do the MSM-controlled "polls" tell us?
- That Hillary is "winning." C'mon! The polls are more "rigged" than the Democratic primary was. Reuters, and the others, keep "tweaking" their numbers [read: oversampling Dems and undersampling Rep's, etc] in an effort worthy of the BLS trying to prove there is no unemployment.
What do the MSM-controlled "debates" tell us?
- Nothing that we don't already know by now.
--Trump can sometimes be a jerk, but he's an alpha male who really cares more about the nation than himself...all "sins" to "progressives" who believe "hate America first" and "white males are the problem, not the solution" excuses ANY and ALL lies and criminal action.
-- Hillary is always a nasty bitch, and is a criminal sociopath who intends to destroy America with her Marxist-Alinsky fantasies. She hates America, and she cares only about herself and money, followed by her radical ideology. Yet the MSM tells us that Hillary is a winner and doesn't tell us how she has been "hiding" since the Dem primary and they have been helping her hide both her dangerous "ideas" and her "criminality."
What does WikiLeaks tell us?
- Everything the MSM that works for Hillary does not, and everything Hillary has publicly lied about so far.
- That Hillary says one thing in private (and to her Wall Street donor$) and something else in public to the "basement dwellers, illiterates, and deplorables" (her list of insults is so long by now that I'm sure I have forgotten a few of her perjoratives).
- And the latest: That the MSM takes their marching orders from her. The attached list of "journalists" are all her flying monkeys, but remember it's not just them stand-alone...they have colleagues, editors, and owners who are ALL Hillary supporters body-and-soul. The "rot" is so deep, that American journalism...like American politics...no longer exists as it was once known, but more resembles a George Romero film titled "Night of the Living Dead" (and not as the protagonists, but as the animated cannibal corpses). 
What no one needs to be "told" at this point? Because anyone with two wits to rub-together already KNOWS)?
- Hillary belongs in jail, not the Oval Office. The New York Post front page got it right.

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