Thursday, 27 October 2016

Nothing to see here, now move along.......................from Rico

Today was yet another COMEX futures options expiry for both Gold and Silver. For November contracts, this time. Just another wash, rinse, repeat.
- The chart action looks like all the other charts for key dates like this (Non-farm payroll, options expiry) during the last, long has Wall Street "owned" the regulators and Washington, DC lock, stock, and barrel?
Not that anyone would "rig" the CRIMEX in order to make an illegal profit or anything like that.
- Oh, no.
Saint Anne of Barnhardt was absolutely correct when she observed (some years ago now, when she closed her brokerage because she couldn't 'protect' her clients money from the Corzine's of the COMEX) that "if you are still in these markets you're either stupid or on drugs."
- All together now "who could have seen THAT coming?"

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