Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Obviously A Winning Strategy..................from Rico

Hillary must have a diabolically clever "winning strategy" since the media polls  have her leading Trump by 9 points in PA, and have her "tied" with Trump nationally (Rasmussen).
Obviously shrieking at her audiences and calling hispanics "taco bowls" and blacks "predators" with Bernie supporters relegated to "mommy's basement" and a huge swath of Americans across the board "deplorables" has worked like a charm for her.
- After all, what's NOT to like? The crowds (and a few times, even the press) have somehow forced themselves to stay away and NOT attend any rallies or gatherings for Hillary. The poor deluded fools.
In contrast, one recent Trump rally had more people in the overflow crowd than Hillary has had at all of her events for the past month combined.
Of course, support for Hillary is as "real" as fantasy football, pro-wrestling, the economic "recovery" or BLS unemployment statistics, and the 'manufactured' media "polls" are self-serving and quite laughable.

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