Monday, 10 October 2016

October Surprise? Meh....................from Rico

It's not exactly a secret that Trump's very existence (not to mention the enthusiastic support he has from his "deplorables") raises the ire of America's "progressive" wannabe lords and masters.
That Trump has never been "pc"...not now as he runs for President, and not eleven years ago, but your self-appointed betters are suddenly feigning "shock" while clutching at their pearls over his locker room language (from when he was a registered Democrat, btw)... is about as much of an "October surprise" as learning that Hillary is a pathological and congenital liar.
What IS hilarious, but worth noting, is that none of them...not Hillary, not her supporters, not the media, not the DNC, nor the RINO GOPe...have said one word about Bill Clinton using his White House intern as personal cigar humidors while he was President.
- Common Core math has so far been unable to calculate how much Trump "locker room language" equates to one Bill Clinton rape. 
- Neither Teddy Kennedy (D) nor Mary Jo Kopechne could be reached for comment on how you should treat women.
- Huma and Hillary were 'busy' celebrating their twenty year anniversary as a couple and declined to comment.

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