Thursday, 20 October 2016

Planet Hillaryious.....................from Rico

This is just one small example of why the Obama administration sic'd John Kerry on Ecuador to strong-arm them to make them cut-off Assange's internet access (which Ecuador did).
- Yet the daily "e-mail dumps" by Wikileaks continues despite attempts to silence dissent, opposition, or releasing truth that exposes and embarasses a regime of liars, frauds, and...well, no sugar-coating it here...criminal assholes that deserve prison and/or a firing squad.
This one from a Podesta e-mail..."Hillary doesn't know what planet she's on"...while an obvious "no-shit, Sherlock" for some is an unhappy revelation for Kool-aid drinkers and other "progressives" whose bearings on their hamster wheels are already near failing.
- It is sublimely ironic and Hillaryious in the same telling.

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