Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Please Don't Kiss Me With That Mouth Granny........................from Rico

Hillary, in her own words has said she wants to be America's Abuela [grandmother], but after her Jimmy Kimmel appearance she'll always be "Granny Pickles" to most.
In her quest to "win" the hearts and minds of American voters with "empathy" what she says in public, and what she says in private, are polar opposites however.
- Which begs the question, does your beloved "Granny" talk like her in private at home and then kiss you with that mouth?
Thanks to WikiLeaks, the list of "endearments" that Granny Pickles has for her fellow Americans keeps growing, just like her love for them. The latest "sweet nothings" from her include: 
- "professional never-do-wells" for blacks and Muslims, and a sobriquet I had thought extinct "sand niggers" for Muslims. [surefire "winners" to sweep the vote of these constituencies, although her significant-other Huma may give her a good tongue-lashing in private over this, while CAIR and BLM will have to stand in line and wait their turn].
These two terms can now be included in the now-public Hillary "lexicon of love" for Americans, which (again, in her own words) already included the following:
- "irredeemable despicables" for Trump supporters
- "basement dwellers" for Bernie supporters
- "bucket of losers" for her supporters
- "functional illiterates" for leftists & progressives" (also her supporters)
- "taco bowls" for Hispanics
- "super predators" for blacks
Can't you just "feel" the LOVE she has for you all? This absolutely makes you want to vote for her early, and often, does it not?


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