Friday, 28 October 2016

Political-xray Analysis of Progressive Millennials' "69-the-Vote" Video Exposes Their Group-Think Political Philosophy

PoliticalXray.Com has created a political-xray video analysis of the Progressive Millennials' conceptually bawdy "69-the-Vote" video (which seeks to recruit Millennials to vote to counter non-progressive voters in the "baby boom" generation as well as voting by non-progressive -- i.e., independent-minded -- Millennials).   Before watching PoliticalXray's video (titled "69-the-Vote-to-Stop-METUGRICUNA" and embedded immediately below), read the rest of this post immediately below that embedded video.

Independent-minded Millennials recognize the danger of unlimited government. The acronym for them is METUGRICUNA, which stands for the phrase "Millennials Epiphanizing That Unlimited Government Renders Its Citizens Utterly Naked & Afraid."   That's why the PoliticalXray.Com's political-xray-video analysis of that video produced by Progressive Millennials is titled "69-the-Vote to Stop METUGRICUNA" -- i.e., it illustrates political-xray recognition that the transparently obvious purpose of the Progressive Millennials' video is to attempt to peer-pressure non-progressive Millennials into embracing Progressive Group-Think rather than independent thought on issues involving governmental power being used to coerce politically-correct group-think.

PoliticalXray.Com's "69-the-Vote to Stop METUGRICUNA" begins the same as does the Progressive Millennials' video, so be patient. The political-xray aspect begins approximately 32 seconds into the video, after which othe segments of the Progressive Millennials' version also appear to be followed by further political-xray analysis.   Since the Progressive Millennials' video utilizes a conceptually bawdy theme as a tool for attention-getting, PoliticalXray.Com's analytical version likewise employs bawdy themes and images (but SFW) in exposing the underlying collectivist, group-think nature of the Progressive Millennials' political philosophy.

Useful url's: PoliticalXray/69-the-Vote-to-Stop-METUGRICUNA ; Clinton LiEbrary Book .

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