Thursday, 27 October 2016

Polls? Meh!.....................from Rico

Polls? All of the "polls" are fake, phony, and rigged by a grossly deceptive MSM complex that is nothing more than an overpaid PR enterprise belonging to the "system."
- Polls are prepared by ignorant assholes for ignorant assholes, but to be polite let's just say they're by and for "ignoranuses."
Surely everyone remembers the former worst-American-President of all time, Jimmy Carter. But do you remember that at about this point in time before his well-deserved thrashing by voters the "polls" (including Gallup) had him ahead of Ronald Reagan by 8 points? 
- Polls? Meh!
Voters in flyover country (the entirety of the US between the fantasy islands of New York City, Washington DC, and Hollywood) are fed up with both the "business-as-usual system" and the "policies" which have not just ignored them, but hurt them. Policies that have shuttered 50,000 factories, putting workers out of work and those who relied on those formerly employed workers for their employment. Policies that created 94 million unemployed workers.
- Those unemployed workers are going to vote, proud of the unearned sobriquet "deplorables" bestowed upon them by the the presumptive Queen of that system, Hillary.
Michael Moore, that irrelevant socialist land whale (proving that even a stopped clock is right once), seems to have grasped what the professional politicians and their professional media fluffers have not, by observing that "Trump's election will be the biggest f**k you ever recorded in human history."

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