Monday, 17 October 2016

Preventing "thought-crime" by putting truth on a leash.....................from Rico

CNN says it's "illegal" for YOU to read the contents of the WikiLeaks Clinton-Podesta e-mails, but THEY will tell you what it all 'means' (according to them, paragons of truthiness that they are) so YOU will know what you are supposed to think.

And while a headline SAYS: "Obama decries 'wild west' media landscape."
- Which, on planet reality, actually MEANS: Obama says your First Amendment Rights need to be put on a short leash because (a) you loser-illiterate-deplorables are actually stupid enough to exercise you RIGHT, and (b) His exalted Truthiness does NOT APPROVE.
Besides, both Americas's leading world-class LIARS, and their subservient MSM aka Ministry of Truth, are only too happy to tell YOU not only what to THINK, but how it's gonna be. You can trust them, they really care about you...
- And that fluoridated water must actually be having it's intended effect, since there ARE people who will believe this happy horseshit.
This is just one small taste of how a Constitutional Republic dies and is replaced by a third-world Marxist banana republic.

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