Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Rhyming if Not Repeating.....................from Rico

I think it was Mark twain who said something to the effect of 'History not exactly repeating, but rhyming pretty well' and in 2016 we are seeing the same tunes playing-out that brought so much misery to humanity in the past.
- I refer to that fatal disease that survived killing its first host the USSR. The one known by some as Socialism and by others Communism, but by any name is Totalitarianism.
George Orwell saw it clearly back in 1948 with his novel 1984 and while he may have said it first: "Ignorance is Strength" Hillary said it more recently according to this 2016 WikiLeak: "Ignorant voters are our best key to win."
That's worth giving some serious thought to. 
- And no, "slavery is NOT freedom."

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