Sunday, 16 October 2016

Strengths. Weaknesses. Votes. Deficits.......................from Rico

Strengths maximized become weaknesses, and weaknesses maximized sometimes become strengths.
This dissection of the $18 trillion US GDP by urban-rural will be interesting to compare to how the electorate votes on Nov 8th.
- Then consider which areas disproportionately account for 'consuming' the trillions of dollars in "entitlements" against that backdrop.
Funny, Obama, Hillary, and Trump are NOT discussing the fact that the US ran a "budget deficit" for FY2016 in excess of $1 trillion, and that it has spent $1 trillion it doesn't have for each of the last eight years of the Obama reign.
- Flushing close to half the US annual GDP down the crapper might be more worthy of media attention than Fat-ass Kim's robbery, Brangelina's celebrity divorce, or some over-paid NFL players demonstrating their room-temperature IQ's don't you think? The six owners of America's MSM don't think so.

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