Tuesday, 25 October 2016

THE "core message"....................from Rico

David Axelrod may be best known as Obama's Chief Campaign Strategist, but he has been a major player in the Democratic Party for decades and was a key figure in the Clinton era.
- Few know him as the "red diaper baby" that he is...that is to say a Communist who was raised by Communist parents. Yes, he's one of a few select Communists whose "vision" and "goal" is to destroy America and remake it into a "paradise" like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela or the former-USSR. Short version: he's a clueless dumb-ass.
Keeping that in mind, Axelrod was on a Sunday MSM (thanks to WikiLeaks you now know the entire US 'media' complex is merely the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, right?) program called "Face the Nation" simultaneously whining and displaying no discernable common-sense (traits common to uber "progressives" aka Communists) that "Hillary doesn't have a core message."
Well, David, she sure as Hell does! With Hillary it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Congenitally unable to tell the truth, much less an unflattering one, she just cannot say what her core message really is.
- That she will lie, cheat, steal, bribe, sell anyone or anything, extort, steal, intimidate, and murder to get more money for herself is merely symptomatic of her GREED and 'distractions' from her sole purpose in life: MONEY.
Hillary's "core message" is simple: GREED. MONEY.[Hillary voters read: money for HER, not for YOU. Are you "ready?"]

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