Thursday, 13 October 2016

They KNEW, They LIED, Four DIED.........................from Rico

Yet again "conspiracy theory" is revealed to be "conspiracy fact."
- This time, thanks to documents released to Judicial Watch (and a FOIA request plus a Court Order) we now see what they were hiding, and claimed 'truth' is known to be lies.
Benghazi. "What difference does it make?"
- Not just criminal negligence, but murder most foul...and treason...covered up by official lies.
Remember seeing the Hillary interview where she laughed about Ghaddafi's gruesome death and joked "we came, we saw, he died?"
- Well right back at you, you fkng lying bitch! You knew, you lied, four died.
Without reciting their entire press release (one which won't be 'covered' by the Hillary, the MSM), a DoD report was sent to:
- Hillary as SecState
- Leon Panetta as SecDef
- The Joint Chiefs of Staff
- The National Security Council [White House]
Just the headline of the Press Release ref infra says enough:
"Defense, State Department documents reveal Obama administration knew that Al Qaeda terrorists had planned Benghazi attack 10 days in advance."
[My comment, just for clarity: There was a Muslim Brotherhood connection to the Benghazi attack as well. Yes, the same group that Barry is so fond of, and that Hillary's beloved Huma Abedin is a creature of, and so many of their members have been 'installed' in government positions.]

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