Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Unfair, and unbalanced.....................from Rico

The "media" has been the big loser in the 2016 campaign and their viewers the big winners. Exposed for bias, corruption, and abdication of ANY pretense of "journalism" it's hard to miss the former 4th Estate having become the lap poodles of the DNC and whores to the Democratic political establishment.
Now we learn that 96 percent ($19 of every $20 donated campaign dollars) goes to Hillary's 2016 campaign. The "media" is bought-and-paid-for, and fully on board with the efforts to "buy" the White House. They are fools, and not worth listening to.
- I think it was Mark Twain who observed that "it is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been folled" but Voltaire said it much earlier, and while Twain's remarks are better directed at the 'consumers' who lap-up the media slop they are being fed Voltaire's words hit the mark where our "media" besserwissers are concerned.

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