Monday, 24 October 2016

Vulnerable Children? - Politicians Insulting The People's Intelligence...............from Daniel Thomas

The importation of unvetted, testosterone fueled young men of fighting age into Great Britain using the pretense of saving vulnerable children is not only a demonstration of the contempt the political elite have for the people but also a demonstration of the depths to which they will sink in order to impose their long planned cultural replacement agenda as part of the UN/EU borderless global government.

As the victims of mass immigration from the third world know from bitter experience the political elite are totally heartless and without an iota of compassion; they couldn't care less about the raped or the murdered innocents be they adults or children. They are fanatics totally dedicated to their globalist agenda and the downgrading of western civilization.

They will use every dirty trick in the book, including lies and insidious propaganda, to achieve their malevolent ends. This includes using and abusing the inherent compassion of decent people toward vulnerable children.

They began their latest bout of malign deviousness when they used the stage managed dead 'baby on the beach' and the dust and blood covered 'ambulance boy' to unleash that inherent compassion for suffering children. They then sent the millionaire celebrity, Lilly Allen, to the Calais economic migrant holding centre to broadcast an apology on behalf of the British people along with an embarrassing choreographed weepfest of crocodile tears.(See it here)

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