Saturday, 8 October 2016

Waste. Fraud. Abuse. TAXES.......................from Rico

This does several things. It convinces me that (1) taxpayers should get a tax refund, and (2) makes me ask "why" does the most adept, and prolific liar to ever hold the orifice of the Presidency feel the 'need' to do this if his "policies" were any good?
The GAO reports that Barry's regime spends $500 million per year in taxpayer money for PR staffers to "sell" taxpayers on his policies.
- This does NOT include another $100 million per year in taxpayer money spent on private PR consultants, or the $800 million of taxpayer money spent with outside advertising firms in 2015.
This FRAUD is not only WASTING taxpayer money, but ABUSING taxpayers.
- But, like the IRS advises: "Try not to think of it as YOUR money."

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