Friday, 28 October 2016

When "happy hour" is all day long......................from Rico

To quote Dean Vernon Wormer from the classic film "Animal House" -
"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life..."
Our Spanish word of the day:
Borachona. (Spanish)
1. Great drunkard, drunk, boozer.
2. Hillary Clinton.
I was in the Navy for a while, and before that I was a soldier, and before (and after) that a university student. I was married once, and divorced once, but NEVER in my life have I been drunk in the middle of the afternoon.
- Not to celebrate graduation, marriage, or divorce. Not even on a Saturday, which it was on the date in question, 08-08-2015. Never, as in never. Not in any possible Clintonesque definition of the word.
- Maybe Hillary is the example I should instead be following. Perhaps she's "on to" something, or at least she's "on" something.
Look at the timing of the Palmieri to Podesta Wikileaked e-mail concerning Hillary...1:55 and 16:31 (or 4:31pm for civilians not used to reading 24-hr time). 
- Bombed at two o'clock and four thirty in the afternoon? Well hic-cup, buttercup!
I love the text. Quote: "I think you should call and sober her up some." Unquote.
Well, so what you ask? She's a lush. BFD.
- Remember when she 'fell' at work and broke her elbow? Remember when she 'fell' at home and cracked her head open?
Both incidents combined with her well-noted fondness for being a boozer beg these obvious questions:
1. Was she falling-down drunk both those times?
2. Should a falling-down drunk have her finger on the nuclear button, much less the fate of the future composition of the Supreme Court? [Justice Ginsberg could not be reached for comment on #2.]

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