Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Who wants more of this?.....................from Rico

There are consequences for failing to ask "change to what? change why?" and "fundamental transformation, to what exactly?" or even "forward to where?"
Of course, the unstated (but painfully clear by now) "intention" was to knock America down a few pegs to "teach it a lesson" and only a very few on the radical left are happy with the change, and the move forward, fundamentally transforming America into a socialist utopia like Venezuela.
Hillary's stated goal is to be Obama's third term. She not only promises MORE of the 'same-old, same-old' that hasn't worked (and Americans have seen and felt) in the past 10 years, she promises to make it even worse.
- Who in their right mind wants more of that economic and social shit sandwich, much less make it worse? That Hillary and her supporters do, ought to tell you a lot.
Go ahead, argue with this Bloomberg chart.
- Tell me why Americans are wrong to demand better performance than the last decade?

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